Bill Cosbie and Associates
Marine Surveyors, Naval Architects & Mechanical Engineers
Marine Surveys by Bill Cosbie Marine Survey, William Cosbie, SAMS® AMS®, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA Fort Lauderdale, Florida

William Cosbie, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor

Project management and oversight for any size Maritime projects, Refits, Repowers & Power conversion, Extensions, Painting, Stabilizers (active and zero speed), Navigation systems, Geo tracking Satellite systems for both Internet and Audio-visual systems Serving the maritime community since 1993.

Serving the USA, Mexico, The Bahamas and The Caribbean

Memberships & Associations
SAMS SAMS® - The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®
Accredited Marine Surveyor®
ABYC ABYC - American Boat and Yacht Council
ABYC Standards Accredited
USCG USCG - United States Coast Guard
3000 Ton Masters Licence
Boatpokers Boatpokers - Email Forum for SAMS® Members

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